Are these the only plans?

We also  have tailor made STANDALONE PLANS which will help you make single orders of Banners, Business Cards, Social Media Covers etc.

What are concepts and Revisions?

It involves two stages in the logo design process (for clients). The stage involves creating concepts/mockups so that you can choose a concept. Once you have chosen a design concept, we will make unlimited revisions / changes (if  requested for you) until you are happy with the final product.  We won’t be able to provide unlimited revisions on all the concepts but just the chosen concept.

Eg: Lets say the client ordered a 4 concept logo but after submitting 2 concepts, if the client likes the 2nd and asks us to revise the concept, then it will be considered as the final concept and revisions will be provided.  No more new concepts will be provided.

(The below Image  is just an example. Revisions are made as per client requirements)

  •  Concepts of a logo:

concepts of a logo


  • Revisions:

Revisions include minor corrections, font and color changes.  Revisions is provided for concept which is selected by you. Although, not all logos need revisions.


Will I get different concepts of  social media covers, Ad banners, Letterhead etc in BUNDLED PACKAGES?

We provide different concepts for the logo itself. Once the logo is finalized, we work on the rest of the items i.e social media covers, Ad banners etc based on the final logo. Unfortunately in Bundled Packages we won’t be able to provide different concepts for all the extras i.e social media covers, letterhead etc.  In standalone package, we do provide different concepts based on plan

Will I get different concepts for Banners, Business cards, Social media covers in STANDALONE PACKAGES?

Yes of-course based on the plan concepts will be provided.

Can I ask for a new logo concept even after a logo concept was finalized by me?

We provide concepts as per the package. Once a concept is selected by you, we work on the selected concept till you are happy.  But if you are asking for an entire new concept at the very end then extra charges would apply.

What if I don’t like any of the concepts?

We design logos as per the information provided by the client. We also put our creative minds to  work.  In rare cases when the client is not happy with the concepts provided, we take additional feedback on the remaining concept and design according to client instructions.

If you want more and more concepts, then its highly recommended to choose a professional or corporate package.

What is the TAT?

We usually provide concepts within 24-48  hours. This is only possible if its a 2 concept logo. In case of higher packages, it takes time. For each concept, we need at-least  24-48 hours. On Sundays, we are closed.  In some case, it may take more time.

What is Unlimited Revisions.

we provide revisions once you select a concept.  Revisions such has font, color, and minor updations. Revisions does not mean a whole new concept.

Are there any discounts?

Our packages are really low priced. We don’t show a false price at first and then provide a discount code to fool the customer. But in future if there are any offers, we will openly declare it on the blog or website [/one_half_last]

Can I pay using Credit Card ?

Yes you can definitely make payment using credit card as well. We will receive your payment via Paypal.

Are you from INDIA?

Indian users can make payment by transferring money directly to our bank account. Please contact us for details.


Note: Terms and Conditions are subject to change anytime without prior notice.*